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Gas Gensets


Gas Gensets

Rishabh Gas Gensets Advantages

Rishabh Gas gensets are powered by TATA engines & Woodward Inc USA (World no. 1 in genset Control systems. Woodward is the vendor of NASA control Systems) NGF systems (natural gas fuel systems). Tata CNG vehicles are already running on road and are known to take overload also that is why our gensets dont require 75 percent running load as is pitched by our competitors for their gas generators or even diesel generators. You can safely run our generators from 90% to 100% load depending upon the type of load.

Lowest pressure requirements: our gas systems require the lowest gas pressure that is of 110 millibar while our competitors require a 2 Bar connection. The cost difference which our customer is able to save because of the lowest gas pressure connection is around 2,00,000 of rupees.

Lowest maintenance cost: our gensets have the smallest Lube oil sump and it helps in keeping our servicing cost lower by at least 30% as compared to the competition.

Warranty | We are providing 2 years or 5000 hours of warranty for our gensets while our competitors are providing only one year warranty.

Our gensets come with a zero breakdown history. Once a mixture setting is done at your site then our gensets don't get on any breakdown.

Spares availability and cost: our Gen sets have very simple yet most robust technology which is already in use in our commercial vehicles as well which is the reason that spares availability is never a challenge in fact it also helps in keeping the prices of the spare parts at a very low level because of our vast volumes in commercial vehicles.

GAS GENSET Gas Genset Model RG-25 RG-30 RG-40 RG-50 RG-62.5 RG-83 RG-100 RG-125
Rating (kVA) 25 30 40 50 60 80 100 125
Rating (kW) 20 24 32 40 48 64 80 100
  Gas Consumption  @75% Load (kg/hrs) 4.8 5.7 7.4 9.6 10.8 13.2 18.1 24
Battery (Ah) 90 100
Canopy Size : LxBxH (mm) 2350x1030x1425 2850x1100x1550 3200x1200x1800 3500x1200x1800
Weight (Kg) 850 890 1100 1150 1800 1900 2000 2100
Thickness of Foam In doors 40 50 75
Density of Foam for Sound Insulation 32 38 50
Steel Thikness in Acoustic TATA Steel |Base 3 mm | Rest of Canopy 1.6 mm
ENGINE Engine Model Family 497SPTC 497TC 697TC
Engine Make TATA
Engine Power                (Bhp) 56.3 90 120 125 154
Rated Speed (RPM) 1500
No. of Cylinders 4 6
Bore (mm) 97
Stroke (mm) 100 128
Total Displacement (CC) 2960 3800 5700
Lube oil  Sump Capacity (Ltrs) 7 10 15
Total Coolant Capacity (Ltrs) 13 14 18 20
Oil Change Period 500 Hrs Or 6 Months Which Ever Is Earlier
Aspiration Turbo Charged
Cooling System Water/Coolant
Fuel Gas Pressure Required 110 Milibar - 2 Bar
Governing Class G2 as per ISO 8228 part 5
Type (PF) Brushless, H Class Insulation | (0.8)
Frequency (Hz) 50 hz
Voltage (V) 230/415 |110/230
Amperes (A) @
415 V
34 41 55 69 83.4 111.2 139 173
CONTROLLER Controller Make WoodWard 1400
Type Microprocesser Based, LCD  fault display screen, Auto start / Stop Features
Display Parameters Run Time Hours, Current, Voltage, Engine RPM, Frequency, Engine Temperature & Oil Pressure, Battery V,  Service Due Hours, kVA, PF, KW, KWH
Modes Available Automatic/ Manual
DG Protections Under/Over Frequency ,Current Unbalance, Over Speed, Overload, RWL,  LLOP, HWT, LFL, Charging Alternator/V-belt, Emergency-Off, Service Due Fail To Start Fail To Stop

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We have an extensive experience in the manufacture of power generators for the production of electricity.
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