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Baudoin Generator

baudoin generator manufacturer

Over 100 years, Baudouin has been manufacturing the highest quality engines for marine, power generation and a host of other applications. The continuous need to provide durable, robust and long lasting engines for land – based power generation and the highsea have led to Baudouin being the preferred engine supplier to the most prominent generator manufacturers in the world. The Baudouin range of G Drive engines are available from 7.5 kVA to 2500 kVA and are manufactured, distributed and serviced by SHIG India based at Pune, Maharashtra.

Acoustic Enclosure

Our Silent Gensets use India's No 1 Steel in our gensets by
  • Aesthetically designed weather and sound resistant encloser.

  • Designed for ease for Access and Serviceability.

  • Acoustic Enclosures come with UV resistant powder coating which can withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • Smallest footprint giving an edge to optimise your valuable space.

  • Ease of handling with appropriately located Center / single lifting arrangement and Forklift slots for easy shifting.

  • Silencer placed suitably outside the Acoustic Enclosure.

  • Practically located fuel filling point.

  • Rishabh Silent Genset come with India's No. 1 Sheela foam (makers of Sleepwell mattress)

  • Certified for stringent and latest MOEF CPCB II norms of less than 75 dB at 1 meter.

  • Super Silent models for special applications which have 68-70 dB sound label at 1 metre in open field conditions.

  • The form used in fire retardant enclosure.

Genset Controller / Switchgear Equipment

Our Generators come with World No.1 controllers from best genset controler
  • Fault recognition by name unlike other controller with display fault code.

  • Microprocessor based.
  • Brilliant LCD screen.
  • Lowest battery consumption in idle condition.
  • Manual breaker operation with tactile button on Front panel.
  • IP 65 protection against water seepage.
  • World class DG set monitoring and protection features.
  • Availability with Automatic and Manual functions on demand.
  • Rishabh Generators come with World's No. 1 Switchgear from Schneider Electric
DG Set Model RB-200 RB-250 RB-320 RB-400 RB-500 RB-625 RB-750 RB-1010
Rating (kVA) 200 250 320 380/400 500 625 750/810 1010
Rating (kW) 160 200 256 304/320 400 500 600/648 808
Starting System 128 160 204.8 304/320 320 400 600/648 646.4
Battery (Ah) 150 150
Canopy Size : LxBxH (mm) 4500x1600x2050 4500x1600x2050 5000x2000x2400 5500x2000x2400 5600x2000x2800 5600x2000x2800 7050x2550x2950 8000x2850x3650
Weight (Kg) 3700 3700 3900 4200 6150 6650 8300 9400
Fuel Consumption @ 75% Load (Ltrs/hr) 33.5 41.2 51.3 63.5/68.5 79 92.6 129.5/ 139.8 153.8
Fuel Tank Capacity (Ltrs) 500 900
Engine Model 6M12G6D2/5 6M12G6D2/5 6M19G320/5E3 6M21G440/5E3 6M21G500/5E3 8M21G688/5E3 6M33D660E310 12M26D968E200
Engine Make BAUDOUIN
Engine Power (Bhp) 315 315 428 543 603 824 972 1298
Rated Speed (RPM) 1500
No. of Cylinders 6 inline 6 inline 6 inline 6 inline 6 inline 8, Vee 6 inline 12. Vee
Bore (mm) 108 108 126 127 127 127 150 150
Stroke (mm) 136 136 155 165 165 165 185 150
Total Displacement (CC) 7470 7470 11596 12540 12540 16720 19600 31800
Lube oil Sump Capacity (Ltrs) 24 24 30 30 30 44 61 109
Oil Change Period 500 Hrs Or 6 Months Which Ever Is Earlier
Compression Ratio 17.5:1 17.5:1 17:01 16:01 15:01
Aspiration Turbo Charged
Cooling System Water/Coolant
Flywheel Housing/Flywheel SAE3/SAE10
Fuel System
Injection pump type HPCR HPCR Mechanical HPCR HPCR HPCR HPCR Mechanical
ECU ECU Electronic ECU ECU ECU ECU ECU Electronic
Governing Class G3 G3 G2 G3 G3 G3 G3 G2
Emission Norms CPCB-II Compliant
Alternator Make STAMFORD
Type Brushless, H Class Insulation
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Voltage (V) 415 | 230
Winding 2/3rd pitch winding
Amperes (A) @ 415 V 278 347.5 444.8 556 695 868.75 1042.5 1404
Power Factor 0.8
Controller Make WoodWard 1600
Type Microprocesser Based, LCD fault display screen, Auto start / Stop Features
Display Parameters Run Time Hours, Current, Voltage, Engine RPM, Frequency, Engine Temperature & Oil Pressure, Battery V, Service Due Hours, kVA, PF, KW, KWH
Modes Available Automatic/ Semi Automatic
DG Protections Under/Over Frequency ,Current Unbalance, Over Speed, Overload, RWL, LLOP, HWT, LFL, Charging

Acoustic Enclosure

  • Maximum Power: The engine have the highest break Horsepovver (BHP) Ex Highest Cubic capacity (CC) in its class.

  • Environment Friendly: The engines confirm to CPCB-2 India norms having lowest emissions.

  • Global Engines Manufactured in India: baudouin genset logo engines are truly world class and are used by DGSET Manufactures


Salient Features of stamford macc alte logo Alternators By Cummins Generator Technologies Ltd:

  • Best in class Efficiency.

  • 2/3 pitch winding alternator for better handling of harmonic and unbalanced load.

  • Brushless Type and class H insulation.

  • Self- excited, self -regulated Single Bearing, Brushless and Continuous Duty.

  • Protection Degree lP21/1P23.

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Rishabh India Service Support

Rishabh India service support

Rishabh in India has single window solution for sales and aftermarket support that ensures attention to our esteemed clientele at the shortest possible time. This concept ensures that customer support regarding engines, aggregates or complete equipment is resolved through a single window. Our dealerships are equipped with necessary tools and equipment’s and have trained and motivated service team to handle and resolve troubleshooting round the clock.

Genuine parts and tools
Genuine parts and tools
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